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Consultant's Corner

The ECCP Consultant’s Corner was created in response to the development of several resources for the community related to the current COVID-19 climate.  Our ECCP Consultants have created video vlogs, written blogs, webinars and additional activities to help support the communities that serve young children, birth to age five.  You will find the topics relate to various social emotional situations and be able to help parents, caregivers and early care and education providers with some ideas and share their thoughts that they have collected over their years in their role as an Early Childhood Mental Health professional. 
In addition to these newly created resources, please continue to browse through our whole website. We have many valuable resources that have been created throughout our program which you may find helpful.  Helpful resources include Tips for Tots Sheets, Tips Cards, Bookshelf, and Activities.  Resources have been created with ECE Providers, Family Childcare Providers, Families, DCF Workers, and other Early Childhood Professionals in mind.
Please provide feedback to us if you are interested in additional resources.

*The resources offered on our website are  general information that you may find helpful.  The resources should not be construed as personal medical or mental health advice.  If you have important questions or concerns about a child, family, or early childhood care center, please consult with a local professional for further guidance.*


Vlogs -Video Logs of Consultants

Blogs -Written Blogs from Consultants


Social Emotional Activities