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ECCP Program Model

The ECCP®’s Mission

The Early Childhood Consultation Partnership (ECCP®) is a strengths-based, mental health consultation program, developed to meet the social/emotional needs of children birth to five. ECCP® is designed to build the capacity of caregivers by offering support, education, and consultation, which promotes the most enduring and optimal outcomes for young children.

Program Goals

  • Develop and implement a statewide program that provides mental health consultation services to early childcare providers, educators, and families.
  • Build the capacity of early childcare providers and families to more effectively address the social and emotional needs of children ages birth to five.
  • Decrease the suspension/expulsion rates of children with behavioral and social/emotional needs in early care settings, by supporting their inclusion in early childcare settings.
  • Promote and facilitate the early identification of young children’s mental health needs and respond with appropriate services and referrals to other service providers, before they escalate and become a mental health crisis.
  • Help community childcare providers, educators, and families understand and promote early childhood mental health, through trainings and support to address concerns raised by and between early childcare providers, educators, and families.
  • Provide linkages to community based education, social-emotional and mental health services.
  • Engage in and/or develop community, regional, and statewide collaboratives on an ongoing basis to support capacity building in the area of healthy social and emotional development for young children.