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Community Partners

ECCP® actively partners with a variety of early childhood providers in communities throughout the state. Through these partnerships ECCP® seeks to support high quality care and service opportunities for young children. ECCP® supports quality care by making and receiving referrals, acting as a mental health resource, and through capacity building in the areas of early childhood social emotional development and in early childhood mental health.

Community Based Child Behavioral Health Agencies

  • Child Behavioral Health Agencies provide outpatient treatment to children and their families in the form of assessment, evaluation, therapy, medication, outreach, care coordination, etc.
  • ECCP® subcontracts with non-profit Community Based Child Behavioral Health Agencies throughout Connecticut for the ECCP® Consultant positions.
  • ECCP® refers children and their families to Community Based Child Behavioral Health Agencies if there is a need for more intensive treatment services.

Early Childhood Community Providers

  • Help Me Grow; Yale Child Study Center; Pediatricians; OT/PT; Child FIRST; Family Resource Centers; RESC’s; Birth to Three; All Our Kin; etc.
  • ECCP® supports care coordination through referrals received by ECCP® and referrals made by ECCP® to various community providers throughout the state.

National Zero To Three (ZTT) Safe Babies Court Team (New Haven and Milford)

  • The goals of the Safe Babies Court Teams are to increase awareness among those who work with maltreated infants and toddlers about the negative impact of abuse and neglect on very young children; and to change local systems to improve outcomes and prevent future court involvement in the lives of very young children.
  • ECCP® is a member of the two Steering Committees in Connecticut for the ZTT Safe Babies Court Teams in New Haven and Milford.
  • ECCP® serves as an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation resource to families and early care and education settings.

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) Head Start Partnership

  • The DCF Head Start Partnership brings together DCF, Head Start, ECCP®, and other community providers to serve vulnerable families and to support the healthy development of at risk children.
  • ECCP® Consultants participate in monthly and statewide quarterly meetings of the DCF Head Start Statewide Partnership. ECCP® Consultants serve as early childhood mental health experts and provide trainings, resources, and consultation services to caregivers of children involved in both DCF and (Early) Head Start.

Early Childhood Directors Groups

  • A resource for Directors of Early Care and Education Settings.
  • ECCP® participates in Directors Groups throughout Connecticut as a resource to directors in their support of the social and emotional needs of young children.

School Readiness Council

  • A state-funded initiative administered by the Department of Education that develops a network of School Readiness programs to form a continuum of services in quality programs that meet the needs of children and families.
  • ECCP® participates on School Readiness Councils throughout the state. ECCP®’s focus within these groups is to make recommendations on issues related to the social emotional needs of young children and their role in promoting school readiness.

Head Start/Early Head Start

  • ECCP® Consultants participate on Early Head Start Policy Councils.
  • ECCP® coordinates state and local training efforts with the New England Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center.
  • ECCP® provides Consultation Services to (Early) Head Start Centers and Classrooms.
  • ECCP® aligns early childhood mental health consultation goals with Head Start Performance Standards and the Social Emotional Development domain.

Early Care and Education

  • ECCP® provides early childhood mental health consultation to early care and education settings throughout the state, this includes both public and private centers and family-based care.