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It's Mine

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Author: Leo Linni

Illustrator: Leo Linni

Recommended for Ages: 1 and up

About: Friendship and sharing

This is a story of three frogs that live together on a little island. The frogs spend their time claiming “It’s mine.” Whether it is the water, the land or a tasty insect. They quarrel all day.  Finally a large toad tells them that “There is not peace because of your endless bickering.” However, this does not stop the frogs. The squabbling continues until a big storm floods the little island and the frogs seek comfort together on the only “rock” that stays above the water. Imagine their surprise when the rock turns out to be the big toad. The experience of the frightening storm helps the frogs learn to play together and share. They experience a joy that is new to them. They discover that their world is now peaceful, beautiful, and furthermore it belongs to all of them.

I am reminded of the “it’s mine” that is so evident in toddler classes (and some older groups too). I think this book can help children begin to understand that areas and materials can belong to everyone and that sharing can be fun. Guiding the children to see that the frogs have more fun when they get along and play together can be an appropriate lesson. The story would lend itself to being acted out by children. The illustrations are simple but rich and effective, done in collage style. This might be a great book to help children examine this type of art with torn or cut paper gluing it to another sheet to create their own art. 



Linda Flach MS Ed.

Senior Early Childhood Consultant

Early Childhood Consultation Partnership