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Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Workforce

The Early Childhood Consultation Partnership (ECCP®) program is managed centrally by Advanced Behavioral Health Inc., a non-profit behavioral health management company. Each of the program’s Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants is employed individually by various sub-contracted, non-profit, community-based agencies, situated throughout the state. ECCP® provides orientation, training, quality assurance and supervision opportunities to these consultants.

Early Childhood Consultants

Each ECCP® Consultant holds a Master’s degree in a Human Services related field. The majority of the ECCP® Consultants holds their degree in Social Work, Counseling or Marriage and Family Therapy, and is either licensed or license eligible. Some hold their degrees in Child Development or Early Childhood Education. All of the consultants come to the ECCP® program with some degree of early childhood and mental health experience.

Specialized Workforce and Consultant Training

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (ECMHC) is an emerging field that is critical to the mental health of Connecticut’s children. ECCP® is a nationally recognized leader in the field and has effectively prepared professionals as Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants for over ten years.

ECCP® Consultants represent a unique work force requiring specialized clinical training and supervision. This training and supervision is provided by ECCP® Program Managers at Advanced Behavioral Health.


ECCP® has developed a set of ECMHC Competencies that guides the best practice early childhood mental health consultation work of the ECCP® Consultants throughout Connecticut.

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Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Delivery Strategies

ECCP® has established a set of Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (ECMHC) delivery strategies that are effectively implemented across the statewide ECCP® program to address the mental health needs of infants, toddlers and preschool children in their early care and education settings.

 A delivery strategy training unit accompanies each and together these are utilized to guide consultant training, enhance fidelity to the ECCP® evidence based model of ECMHC and are aligned with ECCP®’s ECMHC competencies.

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ECCP® Consultants are provided with supervision from Licensed Mental Health Professionals. Supervision includes, clinical, reflective and administrative.

Orientation and Training

The Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation: Consultant Training Modules were developed to prepare Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMH) Consultants within the ECCP® program for their role as a consultant, as well as to provide existing consultants with continuing education opportunities. Training modules are separated into two series, Pre Service Trainings and Continuing Education Trainings and are based on the ECCP® Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Competencies.

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