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Author: Bernard Waber                                                                                                                     

Recommended for Ages: For teachers and parents of preschoolers and kindergartners (Although due to its length, it may be read in segments.)


About: A reminder to all of us that there are many kinds of courage and that courage can show itself in many different ways.


If you are a parent of a young child or work in the field of early childhood, it is only a matter of time before you are helping a child cope with some difficult feelings including, “sad”, “scared”, “afraid”, or “lonely”. Dealing with these emotions can be challenging for all of us. It is important to remember that for young children, these feelings can be overwhelming.  Over time, through a combination of support from others and personal experiences, we grow up to learn how to cope with these feelings. This book reminds us that we all deal with emotions in our own way.

In this book, the author highlights the many ways in which we may be faced with challenging and potentially fearful situations that require us to use courage. It reminds us that courage can be the result of doing something big or doing something small. Sometimes courage can be easily demonstrated. And sometimes we need help showing our courage.  No one can judge anyone’s level of courage.  We all show courage differently.

As an early childhood consultant, I recommend this book to parents and teachers of young children. This story help creates an environment where it is safe for children to acknowledge their feelings of fear and vulnerability.  Adults may consider reading this book to a child at the beginning of any new experience, like the beginning of a school year, as it can be helpful for children who may be facing a mix of big feelings that comes with doing something for the first time. The things I like best of all about this book is that it can be used to help children begin to share their thoughts and feelings, reach out and help each other, and learn to ask for help for themselves.




Ruth Sales, FDC, LMSW

Early Childhood Consultant

Early Childhood Consultation Partnership