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A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue

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Author: Julia Cook

Illustrated by: Anita DuFalla

Recommended for Ages: 3-6 years

About: Problem solving and tattling

Tattling is a common issue that teachers and parents struggle with daily. But what is the best way to address tattling? When is it okay for children to tell on each other? As an Early Childhood Consultant, I often hear preschool teachers express their frustrations with this topic and struggle with how to explain to children when it is okay to tell a teacher and when it is just tattling.

Josh is a young boy who tattles on everyone. It impacts his relationships with his friends and frustrates his teachers. Lucky for Josh, his mom is quite imaginative and tells Josh all about Tattle Tongue; how his tongue will turn yellow, start to itch and then the purple spots will start to appear. Josh does not want this and quickly stops tattling. However, with the fear of Tattle Tongue lingering, Josh fails to warn his teachers when he overhears that the class bully is going to hurt another child. The Tattle Prince visits Josh that night to teach him the difference between tattling and warning and all of the rules for tattling.

With fun, colorful illustrations and catchy rhymes and chants, the author draws the children in and quickly grabs their attention. Teachers and parents alike will find this clever book useful as a teaching tool. The children will be entertained and engaged while learning a valuable lesson about when it is appropriate to warn adults (when there is danger), how to solve problems themselves when danger is not present and when to just walk away and not get involved.

Reviewer: Ali Lacey, MA
Early Childhood Consultant
Early Childhood Consultation Partnership