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Intensive Center Site Services (Promotion or Prevention)

An Intensive Site service is one of the three primary levels of care that ECCP® offers. The service is focused on an entire child care center and is intended to improve the social emotional environment at the center or systems level, as well as to put supports in place to build the capacity of all center staff to better address the social emotional and behavioral needs of young children. Emphasis is upon capacity building through intensive director support with Behavior Guidance Policy review, creating and implementing a Center Action Plan to help guide and direct the center in accomplishing identified goals and through the development of a center based Behavioral Health Team (BHT). The BHT serves as the center’s internal behavioral health resource and is the primary vehicle by which the center consultation supports are imparted to the center staff and families on an ongoing basis.

Who Can Make a Referral?

Applications for referrals are made by the center director and are accepted in May and June. Centers located in urban areas and with a population of more than 150 children are considered for this service.

Reasons to Refer

Centers interested in providing additional support to their staff in the areas of social and emotional development of young children, building staff resilience and a sense of community, building supportive relationships with families, and increasing the overall social emotional environment of the center.

Length of Service

  • Weekly for 9 months

Service Components

  • Teaming between Director and Center Staff
  • 1-Day Start Up Symposium (Required for Behavioral Health Team Members)
  • Service Introduction to Center Staff
  • Center Needs Assessment
  • Behavioral Guidance Policy Review
  • Center Based Action Plan (Center/director strengths and strategies)
  • Bi-Weekly Behavioral Health Team Meetings
  • Director Support
  • 3-4 Core Classroom Services
  • 4-5 Child-Specific Services
  • 2 Center-Wide Trainings
  • Follow-Up Meeting

Questions about services? Please contact ECCP® at (860) 704-6378 »