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Ready-to-Use SELF-ESTEEM Activities for Young Children

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Author:   Jean R. Feldman Ph.D.                                                               

Recommended for Ages:  Preschool Teachers

About:  This book has many activities to help build a child’s self-esteem.   The activities are varied and numerous. In fact, it has over 250 pages of activities that would promote positive social and emotional development.

As an Early Childhood Consultant, I am often looking for ideas to help support teachers and families in guiding their young children. I chose to review, Ready-to-Use SELF-ESTEEM Activities for Young Children because it has many strategies to help promote social and emotional growth.  Helping children to be successful, connect positively to others, and having a confident and optimistic outlook, begins by helping the child feel good about themselves.

Teachers can use many of the activities described in this book to help children consider what is unique and wonderful about themselves, as well as to help children build social skills and relationships with others.  Both are key factors in social and emotional competence.  Dr. Feldman realizes that this is done through more than “me” activities. She includes that in the “Wonderful Me” section, but she expands it to interacting and connecting positively to others in, “Friends, Friends, Friends”.  Additional topics include, “Feelings and Emotions”, “Same and Different”, “Changes”, and a connection to home in a “Parent Pack”.   

The activities are well organized and each activity includes a list of materials that might be needed as well as variations to the activity. Explanations are clear and easily followed.  While nearly all of the activities can be used with preschoolers there are some that might require some ability to read, like “Friend Bingo”, but Dr. Feldman offers a variation that uses pictures instead. 

Included are ideas that could be used in various activity centers, for transitions, group times, independent child activities, and teacher directed activities.  An early childcare center administrator might consider providing this as a resource for teachers.


Reviewer: Linda Flach, M. ED.

Senior Early Childhood Consultant

Early Childhood Consultation Partnership