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Program Facts

  • The Early Childhood Consultation Partnership (ECCP®) program is one of the first statewide, comprehensive, data-driven Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation programs in the nation. Program history »
  • ECCP® is an evidence-based, best practice program that is solidly backed by three rigorous Random Control Trial (RCT) evaluations (Preschool 2007 & 2010; Infant / Toddler 2010) conducted by Walter S. Gilliam, PhD, Yale University).
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  • ECCP® provides early childhood mental health prevention and intervention services to children who are at risk for suspension/expulsion from early care and education settings due to behavioral and mental health concerns. This is done through consultation, capacity building and planning around individual children, families, and classrooms.
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  • The ECCP® program is manualized and monitored through a centralized information system. This helps ensure model fidelity and consistent delivery of the program across Connecticut.
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  • ECCP® Consultants are embedded in the various communities throughout the state and work within subcontracted non-profit child behavioral health clinics.
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  • ECCP® Consultants represent an expert work force requiring specialized training and supervision. This training and supervision is provided by the ECCP® program management. ECCP® program management is actively involved in these professional work force development efforts across the nation.
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  • Through our partnerships and collaboration with various state agencies, we have developed a seamless delivery system that provides ECCP® services across various funding streams. ECCP® services are made available to all children, classrooms, and centers in Connecticut.
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  • ECCP® has successfully worked with many early childhood stakeholders including the Department of Education, Help Me Grow (211 Info-line), School Readiness, (Early) Head Start, CT Charts A Course, NAEYC, and Gruastine Discovery Grants.
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  • ECCP® has developed several unique social and emotional resources to support the caregivers of young children. These are formatted into two different resource types: one-page documents called “Tips for Tots” and “Tips Post Cards.”
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  • ECCP® is a very cost-effective service that makes maximal use of funds in the service of children, families, and early childhood professionals.
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  • 99% of children at risk of suspension or expulsion were not suspended or expelled at the one-month follow up of their classroom teacher receiving ECCP® consultation services.
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  • ECCP® has been highlighted nationally by Zero To Three, Center For Law and Social Policy, National Center for Children in Poverty, Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development, Office of Head Start, National Association for Directors of Special Education and internationally by Preschool Education (Beijing) and China Education Daily (China National).
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