Teddy bear in a boxECCP® Tip Cards

The Early Childhood Consultation Partnership (ECCP®) has developed a resource that comes in the form of a postcard. Each card provides a tip or practical strategy that caregivers can implement to support their work in providing care to young children. These ECCP® Tip Cards consist of a number of topics that address common social emotional or behavioral issues that caregivers may encounter. The Tip Cards are organized into 3 different series:

ECCP® Tips for Tots

The Early Childhood Consultation Partnership (ECCP®) has developed one-page resources called Tips for Tots. Each Tips for Tots resource page describes education around developmental norms and recommended techniques that support the social, emotional, and behavioral development of children ages birth through five. There are several different series available that address the unique needs of caregivers and providers.


The ECCP® bookshelf contains reviews of books that help support the social and emotional development of young children. Take a peek »