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Model Fidelity / Program Design


The ECCP® Program Manual “Solid Ground” provides the structure and details of the ECCP® services. It ensures a uniformity of service delivery so that the same high quality service is delivered throughout the state. It is instrumental for training and orientation of ECCP® Consultants, supports the programs capacity to participate in rigorous research evaluations, and is one of several key components that positions ECCP® for replication.

“Solid Ground: A Resource for Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation” is intended to help early childhood stake holders understand the:

  • Key elements involved in developing and implementing an early childhood mental health consultation program.
  • Importance of a data driven system in implementing and monitoring a quality program that remains consistent across a large geographic area.

Customized Information System

The Information Technology department and the ECCP® Program Director at Advanced Behavioral Health worked to design a centralized data system which incorporates and organizes workflows and data elements necessary to the daily operations of a statewide program. The resulting data and reports help ensure model fidelity. The ECCP® Information System also produces reports utilized within the consultation service. These reports demonstrate our work related to program goals and serves to inform continuous quality assurance and program improvement efforts. The ECCP® Information System emphasizes model fidelity and clearly guides the user through the steps and stages of the ECCP® program. This system is user-friendly and is a primary component for quality assurance of the consultation work and of the program management. The system enables ABH® to monitor and to better understand the actual applications of ECCP® through the collection and interfacing of several data sets to include demographic, pre and post assessments, presenting problems, action plans (strengths, goals, objectives and strategies), service duration and dosing, to name a few. The ECCP® Information System is further referenced in the ECCP® Program Manual.